Festival Sponsorship Committee - Join Us! 
29/5/18, 06:00 PM

I was appointed head of the Sponsorship Team for the festival at the last meeting of the planning committee. I won’t be able to visit too many stores or vendors - that is just the reality of my schedule, but I can help coordinate this important work. The work really is important - our most profitable festivals have had an active sponsorship component. Please consider: could you volunteer to help in your area? Are you good working with people? Do you work in sales? This is one of those things where success only comes before work in the dictionary. We have to knock on X number of doors to get Y number of sponsorships. We have to work to be successful. The earlier we start the better. Please contact me if you can help! This will be fun and this will be a huge help to the festival and our parish!

Fr. Gregory

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