Moving Indoors for Sunday Mornings 
25/8/20, 06:00 PM

At the Parish Council meeting on Sunday, August 23, 2020 the topic of how best to move back into the parish church for Sunday morning Liturgies was discussed. First if you have ideas about this please share them with Fr. Gregory or any of the Parish Council members. YOU CAN FIND THE LIST OF PARISH COUNCIL MEMBERS HERE.

Second we are putting together a plan. We will communicate that plan early and clearly, and we will stick to that plan consistently throughout the cold winter months. No one knows how long the pandemic will last, and no one can predict how the disease curve will progress, so we have to plan for the worst and hope for the best. We ask your patience during this time, and we assure you that there will be ample opportunity for everyone to participate in the Divine Services weekly because we will serve as many Divine Liturgies as is possible, given our human resources (clergy, choir, readers, etc.), every week.

Our parishioners have been very understanding and supportive during this pandemic and we are VERY thankful for this. We ask you to continue that understanding and support as we look forward to our next logistical challenge.

Please provide feedback so that we can continually improve the services by emailing or by visiting THIS FEEDBACK FORM.

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