Special Presentation Sunday, November 15: Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy 
10/11/20, 06:00 PM

Construction of our new parish school, the Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy, begins on Monday, November 16. On Sunday, November 15 we will have a special presentation by the School Board of Directors during our parish meal. This is an important presentation for our parish for the following reasons:

1. This is our school. We are inviting all the Orthodox parishes in Washtenaw, Western Wayne, and Jackson counties to partner with us, but the school will live with our parish family. We hope that it will be the jumping off point for a great spread of Orthodox education in Michigan, but the Lord has blessed us to start this movement and so we must meet His challenge!

2. Many of our parishioners are supporting the school on many levels, but we need to now move all our parish family focus and work to the school effort – that means we need your time, talent, and treasure to execute this project.

3. Shortly after instruction begins in the fall of 2021 we will hand off the school loan to the Board of Directors and we will begin to focus on our next project: our new parish church and social hall. We need to build momentum with the school project to get to the new church. We need your help with the school project to get to the next project! One depends on the other – let us work together from the beginning of the school project to the end of the new church project!

4. We are committed to be a parish that raises saints. The school is one part of this effort. Obviously not everyone will utilize the school for all their children for various reasons. But many will. And we want our school to be a place not just for the children of those that can pay full tuition, but for all children. We need your help to make this dream a reality. As a parish family we can make dreams – with God’s help! But success only comes before work in the dictionary – let us work together to reach success!

No doubt there is more. For now let us plan to participate in the presentation on November 15. This will be our first time making this presentation. We need your feedback to make it better! Because after our parish family experiences the presentation it will be refined and brought to many parishes in our region. Your feedback will be a great help! Please join us!

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