Winter Worship Space – Last Week of Fund Raising 
12/11/20, 06:00 PM

Everyone likes to see the combination of words that amount to something like “...end of fund raising.” That includes the Parish Council. We would prefer not to ask you to donate – we’d like to see it just happen without any effort on our side. But since none of us, as far as we know, can read minds, we need to tell you what is happening in the parish so you can take appropriate measures based on your abilities and your reality. We start construction of the Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy on November 16, so November 15 be our last day of fund raising for this effort. Let us be thankful for those who make it possible to raise over $5,000 so far! And let us strive to get to that goal of $15,000!

If you haven’t had a chance yet to make a donation for the winter worship space please take a moment and visit our giving page for that effort:


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