How You Can Help! 
27/11/20, 06:00 PM

People often ask us how they can help our parish. On one level that answer is different for everyone. Each of us should use the talents that the Lord has given us for His glory. But specifically we need more catechists: trained parishioners who can help prepare adults for baptism, Godparents for their duties, and couples for marriage. Our diocesan Pastoral School has a Catechist Program that starts each fall. Please consider if you could enter this two-semester program. More catechists will help our parish A LOT. And if this isnít the thing for you that is fine Ė but please do consider how you can use your talents for Godís glory. We will all answer for that when we leave this life. Letís prepare a good answer beginning today! For more information on our catechism program at St. Vladimir's please see Deacon Colin, who heads up this effort!

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