Fr. Gregory Exposed to Covid 
14/12/20, 06:00 PM

I was working in the Diocesan Office last week. I found out earlier today that at that time Archbishop Peter and I were exposed to someone who later tested positive for Covid-19. The exposure and the positive test were several days apart, so there is not a guarantee that the disease was spread, but the state of the science calls for a 10-day quarantine for those exposed in this situation. If there are no symptoms during this time it is assumed that there was no exposure. I am experiencing no symptoms as of now and I ask the prayers of all St. Vladimirians in this regard - especially for Archbishop Peter. Before I found out about the potential positive exposure I served at St. Vladimirís Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning. I was masked during the services and the air handling equipment was on continuously in the church during that time. At least for part of the Liturgy on Sunday in the winter worship space, until someone turned them off, the fans were being used as well. Therefore, there is little risk that, even if I am positive, I spread the disease at St. Vladimirís. Nonetheless, especially those who served in the altar should watch carefully for symptoms of the disease and take appropriate actions in case of the onset of symptoms. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this causes for anyone! Unfortunately there is no way for me to fulfill my diocesan duties 100% remotely, but I will continue to take all the precautions I can when I have to travel to Chicago. I will keep you updated on my health as the week goes on. For now the Service Schedule remains the same, with visiting priests scheduled to serve in my place. If that changes we will let everyone know right away.

Fr. Gregory

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